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Over the last 6 months we've seen an increase in the number of our customers installing GAS IT self refillable LPG gas systems in their motor homes, camper vans and converted vans. Gas IT is the UK & Europe's Best Selling Premier Brand of Self Refillable LPG Gas Systems to the Motor home and Camper van industry. We've decided to ask the question of what's behind the increase?

Installers point of view?

Recently we have been installing GAS IT self refillable LPG systems to a number of happy customers. Being also based in North Wales we visited 'Gas IT' to go through their products and installation processes and were very impressed by the flexibility and quality of the products that they supply. The competency and eye to detail of all involved with the business was amazing. GAS IT supply Original Equipment (O.E.) for major companies like Auto-Sleepers, Auto-Trail, Swift, Elddis, Swift, I H Motor homes, Wildax, Equi-Trek, and many others.

The flexibility and range of products available by GAS IT is quite something, we haven't as yet come across a vehicle where we haven't been able to fit one. We have also found that the quality of parts supplied with the kits are superb, from hoses, pigtails to regulators and the fill points.

Under slung / 'underneath' or inside vapour outlet gas tanks are available in capacities from 15 ltr up to 230 ltr for direct fitment on VW, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes, Citroen, Vauxhall, Renault and many other brands of camper, panel van, Motor home. The Gas bottles are manufactured by Alfa Amtrol - Europe's largest gas bottle manufacturer.

The majority of under slung systems have tended to be fitted to camper vans and converted vans with the majority of customers opting for either the easy fit or body mounted fill points. From an installers point of view the easy fit option does provide an excellent alternative to drilling into the body of the vehicle which is worth considering.

Customers who own motor homes with external gas chambers have mainly opted for fitting one or two Gen 2 bottles and automatic switch over units. We have though seen a few motor home owners opting for the under slung option in view of gaining further storage space.

What do our customers say?

We haven't as yet come across any negative feedback concerning the GAS IT systems from our customers. The majority of our customers are opting for the GAS IT system for a number of reasons:

1. Practicality of being able to fill up at any time anywhere. Fill point adapters are provided for filling up in other European countries where like for like exchange cylinders are very difficult to come by which means that you will never run out of gas!

2. Safety - especial in regards to camper vans and van conversions in terms of having the gas cylinders outside of the living space of the van.

3. Economics - Its definitely working out cheaper than the traditional exchange cylinders especially if you use your vehicle on a regular basis.

4. Weight - Cylinders and under slung units are more lightweight than the equivalent size exchange type cylinders.

Many have also opted and have been very happy for the Bluetooth Gas Level sensor which links to your phone.

Final thoughts?

The number of GAS IT systems being installed is definitely on the increase. From an installer's point of view it's all about the quality and flexibility of the product. We definitely thinks it's the best out there in the market. The feedback from customers is also positive. For them it's all about practicality, ease of use and the economics of cost and saving.

GAS IT products and further information can be found at

Feel free to contact use for advice on GAS IT systems on 07789070446 or 07854094720

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